Cooking spoon


Cooking spoon

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Hand carved from Scottish Birch, these elegant cooking spoons are an absolute pleasure to use in the kitchen. When hand carved from fresh wood (green wood) I can follow the natural grain of the timber allowing me to make the spoon more delicate but with all the strength (if not more!) of a traditional kitchen spoon.

What is a tooled finish?

The spoons have a tooled finish which is where the last thing to touch the item is a tool such as a knife.  Unlike a tooled finish, most commercially bought wooden utensils have a sanded finish which will often become rough to the touch after a few uses.  I also believe that if a craftsperson has went to the effort of hand carving something that it a real shame to remove the evidence of all those tool marks with sandpaper and in effect making it look machined!  This however, takes allot more skill and mastery with the tools to achieve this level of finish.

  • Made from mountain Birch
  • Asymmetrical shape with flat end to scrape the bottom of the pan clean and a round tip to reach those pan corners.
  • These spoons have a tooled finish, showing each knife stroke the carver has made
  • Soaked in linseed oil for maximum durability

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 8 × 1 cm

Blue, Red, Mustard

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