Goblet making (2 day) 28-29th October


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Goblet Making

Make your own Highlands goblet from scratch in this 2 day course.  

What you will learn

This is a 2 day course so you must make sure you can do both dates as mentioned in the title. 


Day 1 

You will learn all about green woodworking, how to choose the right wood for goblets and the tools used.  You will learn how to use a carving axe and gouge to carve all the components whilst the wood is fresh or green.  The components will then be kiln dried overnight.

Day 2

You will finish all your components whilst now dry with the gouge and knife giving a beautiful tooled finish.   Then learn about how to make a tight mortice and tenon joint to fix the components.  Finally you will learn about chalk paint and decorate and oil your goblet ready to take home   



We will use a variety of gouges to get everything hollowed to a high standard 


The main tool of the course used to shape the bowl, stem and base.


For most of the finishing we will use a Mora 106 carving knife

“My name is Tom and i will be the beautiful beard that will be teaching you.”

Wooden Tom

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