The Highlands cup (blue with white wash)


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Wooden Tom’s Highlands cups are modelled on a cup which was unearthed in 1871 in a peat bog at Ardgour near Fort William. The cup was made from oak and was an oval shape with vertical decorative lines, known as kolrosing. This Highlands cup was dated to 66AD.The Highlands cup is similar to Kuksa cups which originate from the traditional drinking vessels of the Sami people in Scandinavia, where they would have been attached to a belt loop or backpack on hunting trips.   

They are the ideal drinking vessel for the outdoor enthusiast as they aren’t delicate, don’t leave a plastic taste, and don’t take up much room. It is the ideal companion for wild camping!  You can use them for hot or cold drinks.


– Hand carved from a sustainable source of wood within the Cairngorms

– Retains each and every cut made by the axe and knife

– Each cup is absolutely unique

-holds over 200ml

Care instructions

To love your cup, rinse with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Do not leave to soak in water and don’t wash in the dishwasher. You may smell the food safe oil the cup has been treated with.  The smell will go after a while but if you really don’t like it then rinse your cup with warm soapy water a few times to remove any smells or tastes.

Happy drinking!


Not in stock at the moment?

No problem.  Email wooden Tom to put in your order and he will make it from scratch.  There is currently up a 1 month waiting period until you will have your cup as each one is made from a a log which needs to be carved, dried and oiled before it goes out to you.  The best things take time!


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