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in 3 or 6 months

Learn the ways of the woodsmun*

Learn how to use hand tools such as the carving knife and spoon gouge safely and skilfully to make beautiful woodenware for your home over the winter months.

In this subscription you will receive monthly projects delivered to your door which will include the best cuts of fresh/green wood plus detailed instructions on how to carve them yourself.

It is designed to improve your skills month by month by introducing new techniques and challenges with each project.

*’Woodsmun’ is my non-sexist term instead of Woodsman 😁



Choose your subscription type


Receive your projects through the post


Carve away

How it works

Choose your subscription. If you don’t have the right tools then you can chose the subscription plus tools where you will get a professional carving knife and spoon gouge.

You will receive your first project in April and then every month after for 3 or 6 months depending on your subscription. 

You will receive a set of paper instructions plus access to step by step videos on Wooden Toms Youtube channel for every project.  

Is it a gift? 

If it is a gift then just make sure you add the recipients address as the shipping address.  

*Free Shipping*

Subscription Plans

Woodsmun Level 1

Month 1 Project: Wooden birds

Carving 2 x wooden birds. You will receive 2 bird-shaped blanks plus instructions. With a carving knife you will be guided though shaping the blanks to look like little garden birds.

Month 2 Project: Cooking spoons

Make two cooking spoons. You will receive two spoon blanks roughly cut to shape. You will be guided how to use the spoon gouge to scoop out the spoon bowl and different cuts to shape the rest with the carving knife.

Month 3 Project: Highlands cup

Carve a cup, designed on a 2,500 year old cup found in a bog in Ardgour, Highlands. You will receive a cup blank with part of the centre drilled out and a finger hole in the handle.  You will be guided to hollow the cup with the spoon gouge and carve the rest with a knife.

Woodsmun Level 2

Month 1 Project: Eating spoons

Carving 2 x eating spoons. Quite a step up from a straight cooking spoon due to the curves (known as crank in the business!) You will receive two blanks plus instructions. With a carving knife you will be guided though shaping the blanks and using a spoon gouge to hollow out the bowl.

Month 2 Project: Japanese ladle

Make a Japanese ladle. This is a two-component project. You will learn how to make a mortice and tenon joint to join the handle and bowl and make a tight fit. You will need glue to glue the handle in place.

Month 3 Project: End-grain cup

Carve an end-grain coffee cup. These cups are made from the end-grain which gives you a much finer cup, with an undercut rim to reduce spillage. To get that fine finish it will push your skills to the edge to make a wooden cup that is thin as a ceramic mug but much lighter. You will receive a cup blank with part of the centre drilled out and the finger hole.  


You will need a carving knife and spoon gouge for both subscription types.  I recommend the Swedish-made Mora knives as they are good quality at a good price.  If you don’t have them you can add them to your subscription and get £5 off their price than if you bought them separate.


Carving Knife

This is the knife i use and recommend on my courses.  I prefer the longer blade as you can flatten the edges of cups and bases plus remove wood faster.  It also handles detail cuts very well.

 The Mora Knife 106 is a knife with a thin, tapered blade and a pointed tip made from laminated carbon steel designed for dexterity when carving wood. It has an oiled birch wood handle which provides excellent grip and control when carving. It will carve most types of wood including hard woods such as Cherry and Ash. Hardened blade of 61 to 62 Rockwell.

Spoon gouge

The Mora 164 is a single edged wood carving gouge for scooping and hollowing of spoons and cups which they have now made even better as it has been re-designed.

This knife has a single-edged stainless steel blade. You don’t need to right or left handed to use them as I use both, one to draw cut towards you and the other to push cut away. The back of the knife is not sharp which gives you the possibility to use your left hand to push the blade with your fingers from the back. This blade has the smaller curve of our hook knives.

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