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Wooden Tom


Made for gin and wine lovers alike

Whether it is a glass of white on a summers day in the garden or an evening gin and tonic the, goblet will do it in style.

Hand made and good for your planet

Carbon dioxide is the major player in global warming. Trees take carbon dioxide and convert it into wood.  When we choose a wooden cup we are locking that carbon away.  The fact that we are having a gin whilst doing our bit to save the planet is a bonus!  After many many years of use once your cup reaches the end of its life.  It can be composted, burned in your stove and it wont hang around on a landfill for 1000s of years. 


Many hours and gins have been put in to make this the best goblet you will every use.



Volume: approx 225ml
Height: 17cm
Width: 10cm
Material: Birch


Simply wash with warm soapy water and leave to dry.


A common problem with wooden cups is the after taste of the finish used in waterproofing. Wooden Tom has been hard at work so that this is absolutely minimised


What do we mean by handmade?  Using a type of woodworking called green woodworking which uses mainly unpowered hand tools such as the axe, knife and gouge to make your goblet is what we mean.  It takes allot of individual cuts from these tools to make a cup.  These cuts leave lots of flat surfaces or facets which you can see if you look closely.  

Axe cuts

Gouge cuts

Knife cuts

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