Cup blank (Side- grain)


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Fresh Greenwood Birch cut to shape and posted to your door for you to make your own cup.

Side Grain cup blank cut to a shape, axed with the centre drilled out and a finger hole.  Side grain refers to the orientation of the blank as it was cut from the log. Most Kuksa cup makers choose side grain as it allows for easiest hollowing of the cup. Downside is that the walls have to be a little thicker to maintain strength. If it is super thin walled cup you are after i would recommend choosing one of our end-grain blanks instead.  To save some time and your muscles these blanks have been drilled out with a large drill bit to give you a good start so you will have the inside hollowed out in no time. The finger hole has been pre-drilled to make the handle as in the traditional Highlands cup.

Please note all the blanks are cut out by hand and will vary in shape and size slightly depending on the log it comes from.  I check every blank and only send out ones i would use personally. So it is down to you to make a beautiful cup from your unique blank.  When not using your blank keep it in a bag away from any heat sources or it will dry too quickly and split.  Try and avoid carving in hot sunlight for the same reasons.


What you will need

A carving knife and gouge/spoon knife which you can buy on the website if not already owned

There is another option of blank with more of the work already done if you want the best start.  See the shop

I have a few videos on youtube which will show you a step by step guide of how to make a Highlands Cup. Once you have made your cup, let the wood dry and do any finishing cuts before oiling it to waterproof it.





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