Made to order

*Please note* Unless there are some in stock these mugs are all made to order which currently is taking around 2 months but can be before or after.  Email wooden Tom to check the lead time if you are needing it a hurry. Each one is made from a a log which needs to be carved, dried and oiled and water-tight tested before it goes out to you.  The best things take time!


This is the larger version of the small coffee cup. Perfect for a larger coffees, tea or beer so great for those outdoor adventures where you need one cup to do all. 

Made from sustainably sourced Scottish Birch wood. These cups are first rough shaped with an axe and then hollowed out with a gouge and finished off with a knife.

The rim is as thin as glass so beautiful to drink from, but also much tougher so ideal for taking outdoors. Drop one of these and it wont shatter like glass!

This cup had a tooled finish which means hand tools were the last thing to finish off the vessel. This takes much more skill than sanding and leaves behind every tool stroke made by the craftsperson making it absolutely uniques and unmistakingly handmade.

Why wood? Wood is a natural material which whilst growing takes pollution out of the atmosphere and adds oxygen. By using a wooden cup you are locking that carbon in and ever so slightly helping reduce global warming. Your goblet should last a lifetime however it ever needs to be disposed of it will go quickly back to the earth unlike other materials.

Wood will never be too hot to hold with a piping hot drink, nor will it burn your lip as ceramics can. A beautiful aspect of a wooden cup is that it develops a beautiful patina with use meaning the more you use it the more character it develops becoming a very personal item over time.

  • Painted with chalk paint
  • With a low odour foodsafe finish
  • over 200ml volume
  • Undercut rim means for less spills if you get wobbley
  • Made from Scottish hardwood
  • Made from End-grain
  • Burnished
  • Concave base so it will always sit flat
  • Carved makers mark in the base


 Care instructions

To love your cup, rinse with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Do not leave to soak in water and don’t wash in the dishwasher.

Happy drinking!



Large Cup


Large carved cup with mountain landscape design painted. For larger drinks: Tea, Coffee, Beer

Available on back-order