Patchwork Heelan Coo


Hand carved Highland cow from Scottish hardwood

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The inspiration behind the Heelan coo came from wanting to celebrate wood and woodworking in its rawest form. The Patchwork Coo is celebrating my love of colour and is sure to brighten up your home.

Most modern woodworking involves hiding the creation process to some degree through sanding and subsequent covering in varnish or oil. I wanted to emphasise the hand made process by keeping the tool marks visible and not attempting to hide any imperfections such as knots or cracks. If you look closely you can see each individual tool stroke I have made.

I am a green wood worker and work with wood whilst it still has moisture in it as it is easier to carve. The wood is then left to dry and darkens in colour slightly. If needed the coo will then be touched up revealing patches of paler coloured wood underneath.

Made from Scottish hardwood that has been sustainably sourced within the Highlands

There are 3 sizes small, medium and large. The small is approx 10cm tall, medium 30cm and large 45cm


*please note that unless in stock everything is made to order. Usually taking up to 2 months. Please contact to check if you need before hand*

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small, medium, large

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